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I promised some months ago that I would leave a review after my daughter completed her sessions at the BET center. We brought my daughter to Christy Lewis after a lot of heartache. My daughter was suffering from the effects of a drastic head injury, as well as fallout from late stage lyme disease. You cannot imagine what this was like or how much negative change she had undergone. It was one crisis after the next, each culminating in increasingly worse results. We bounced from doctors to counselors to psychiatrists (most of whom wanted to throw medicine at the problem, and one who even suggested my daughter go in-patient). We tried everything. No medicine truly worked or resolved her problems. Finally, we went in to see a pediatric neurologist and I begged her, "How do we figure out what is broken in my daughter's brain and fix it? Can't we hook her up to something and discover what is misfiring? Something is obviously not working correctly and she cannot live on a host of pharmaceuticals forever."

The neurologist explained that they had no way of doing that, but she had a couple of ideas of places we might go that could help. After researching the names and clinics on the list given us by the neurologist, I made a call to the BET center.

I was DEEPLY skeptical at this point that anything could help my daughter, but I was also desperate. I was willing to try anything to give her a shot at becoming who she was again. My daughter was lost and suffering inside her own head and it was mentally killing her. She suffered involuntary twitching, her long and short term memory was wrecked. Her ability to learn new information was compromised. Her sleeping was sporadic and fitful. Her emotions were a disaster. She developed crippling anxiety and depression. She couldn't even leave the house and sit at a restaurant without crying. I would have paid any amount of money, driven any distance, whatever it took, to help my child recover. Truly, I had no hope, but I was out of ideas.

During our initial appointment at the BET center, everything was explained. It was a lot of information to take in, but they walked us through it. Also, our insurance wouldn't pay for it, and I even had people suggest that Biofeedback Training was hocus pocus, but please listen to me. This therapy is legitimate, totally scientific, and what it does makes absolute sense. GO TO THE FIRST APPOINTMENT.

After about 4 sessions at the BET center, I started to see glimmers of change in my girl. Little differences. I almost thought I might be imagining things, but the smallest flicker of hope was reignited. After each session, my daughter got increasingly and undeniably better. I could hardly believe it. Over the next several months, I saw my child slowly, unmistakably escape from the walls she had been trapped behind. She was no longer a prisoner of her own malfunctioning brain. She was herself again, stronger for having suffered, but distinctly the person I had nearly given up as lost forever. She was reemerging, like a butterfly from a cocoon.

My daughter finished her last Biofeedback session in May. It is now November. Why has it taken me so long to write this review? Because, I'm a skeptic. I wanted to see if it would stick. Well, it did. Friends, my girl is legitimately better. She is thriving. I. GOT. MY. DAUGHTER. BACK.

I was a skeptic. I went in with faith as small as a mustard seed, so please listen to me. This is real. Biofeedback works. My daughter has her life again. Call the BET Center. You won't regret it.


I am 63 years old and have been dealing with severe anxiety.  My Doctor recommended I make an appointment with Christy at the Biofeedback Training and Education Center.   I had a very informative conversation with Christy and was sent information about Biofeedback and Neurofeedback.   I am so thankful I made that call and started with biofeedback and some counseling with Christy dealing with some major issues in my life.  She and her technician Cameron were so wonderful to work with and answered so many of my questions.  The biofeedback was life-changing and I began to rest more and my anxiety level began to greatly improve.  The next thing I decided to do was the Neurofeedback.  I was so impressed with the scientific research and success people where having and it has also been life-changing.  Christy set up a program after my brain mapping to help in the specific areas of my brain.   I have just finished my sessions and couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.  I am sleeping for the first time in my life.   My anxiety is gone and I just feel so much better overall.   I use the breathing technique and other coping tools I learned every day especially if I even start to feel anxious about anything.  I am prescription free and so grateful.  I highly recommend Christy and her staff.  They are so compassionate and caring which is hard to find. 


We began doing biofeedback with The Biofeedback, Education, & Training Center shortly after our son, then 7, was diagnosed with ADHD. He's not what you think of when you hear that diagnosis--he's a silly kid who performs very well in school. Instead, his ADHD was manifesting itself in the form of quick frustration with instructions, rapidly mounting anger when faced with things he didn't want to do (like homework or chores), extreme anxiety over small problems, and frequent decisions to run away from home when disciplined. As a stay-at-home mom, I was at my wits' end trying to manage these behavioral problems and trying to maintain a healthy home environment for our family. I couldn't understand his behavior, and I couldn't reason with him or discipline this away. I had come to the point of not wanting to spend time with him because I felt like a colossal failure as a parent.​ We had never heard of biofeedback, so we approached it with a bit of skepticism. But we were at a point of desperation, so we were ready to give it a try. After our initial assessment, Christy showed me the results of his brain scan, which showed that the behavior we had been seeing was a manifestation of what was going on inside his brain. It wasn't that we weren't parenting correctly, or that he was vehemently refusing to obey. His brain scan showed exactly where we needed to focus our attention, and Christy set about to do just that. Our son came for biofeedback twice a week over the summer, and by the time he went back to school in the fall, he was a different kid. I'm not exaggerating. He still has tendencies toward the dramatic and quick temper, but instead of having showdowns several times a day, we now see this behavior maybe once or twice each week. Biofeedback really has changed our lives! We're able to communicate much more effectively now, telling him that we see that he's getting wound up, and frequently he's able to take a breather and comes back ready to work out issues.


My son "Z" was put on Focalin because he was diagnosed with ADHD in the first grade. We tried many medications, but each had unpleasant side effects; we finally settled on Focalin. 

However, he acted like a zombie at school and then would come home irritable and depressed. We could not stand to see him medicated anymore, and started looking for alternative options. We took him off the Focalin before fifth grade and started the neurofeedback with Christy. Without his medication, his teachers repeatedly complained that he could not focus on classwork, constantly lost homework assignments, and disrupted the class on a regular basis. After ten sessions with Christy, we began to notice that "Z" seemed much calmer and had fewer mood swings. After about 20 sessions, instead of coming back with negative behavior reports, he started to get positive feedback from teachers. Once having completed 33 sessions, he is a new person. He is now significantly more organized, completes his homework, and classwork on time. His grades have seen the biggest improvement of course! He is getting almost all 4's, whereas before he was getting mostly 2's. An unexpected pleasant surprise is that he feels happy most of the time and is doing much better socially too. I highly recommend Christy as she was very kind to my son and explained everything to him and to us. She was also very flexible with scheduling, which is a must with a hectic life! Do not believe anyone who tells you that only medication can relieve the symptoms of ADHD! Neurofeedback was a dream come true for our family. People spend thousands on braces which only affect the teeth, although neurofeedback affects the future and present success of that child in every aspect, socially and academically. My younger daughter just diagnosed with ADHD and I will be definitely be bringing her to Christy soon.


My daughter has ADHD and it was affecting every area of her life. At the age of 7, she had become aware of the difference between her inability to focus and retain information and the abilities of her classmates. I obviously wanted to help her academically, but I was also worried about her self-esteem. I had researched Neurotherapy and knew it was the path I wanted to follow prior to trying medications. The assessment was right on target with what I was experiencing with her and within only 3 weeks of Neurotherapy, she came home with an A on a spelling test. Prior to that, she had never made above a C and that was with an unbelievable amount of nightly preparation for the tests. We are now studying far less, but accomplishing far more and the very best part is that she recognizes the difference it has made in her life and WANTS to continue the Neurotherapy. It has been phenomenal almost to the point of feeling like a miracle in our lives. She sleeps more soundly, is better able to control her emotions, focuses for longer periods of time, retains more information, and simply feels better about herself and her ability to learn and adapt. Her academic improvement has been exponential and despite missing a week or two of Neurotherapy at times, she does not lose much, if any, of the benefits, so I do believe that the results will ultimately be permanent in her life. And one of the best parts is that there are no negative side effects! Compared to the laundry list of possible side effects from medications, that fact alone makes this the right choice for dealing with ADHD and other related disorders. Everyone I've recommended this to so far, has had the same experience. As a mother, it has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders and I'm grateful to Christy Lewis not only for the neurotherapy services she's providing but also for the compassion and concern she shows for the total child and for the parents working with that child. I would not go to anyone else for these services. Anyone considering this therapy is welcome to call me with any questions you may have, and I will be happy to answer those based upon my experiences. Simply request my telephone number from Christy Lewis and do not hesitate to call.


"My daughter has been in treatment at the Biofeedback, Education & Training Center for 7 months. It has been the best thing we have found. I have seen significant improvements that medication did not provide. Both Mrs. Lewis and Cameron are highly qualified, licensed, and very professional. Everything is explained in detail, and the costs explained upfront. Neuroscience is a technical field, so some things can be difficult to understand, but Mrs. Christy and Cameron go above and beyond to make is accessible." 


I did some research and found out about neurofeedback but wasn't sure if it really worked or if it was just a new way to make money off the desperation of others.  Then my physician recommended I talk to Christy at the BET Center. Christy was able to show me that neurofeedback therapy is actually based on real scientific data, so I decided to give it a try. She did an EEG and designed a customized treatment plan for me that was a combination of brainwave training and the use of the interactive metronome.  To my surprise, it didn't take long to notice it working! I started in January and by March I was hardly struggling with ADD any more at all. Now I feel like a normal person who can focus, complete tasks, and even read books without having to constantly re-read over and over again. It used to be embarrassing to try to carry on conversations because I couldn't keep track of what the other people said -- by the time they finished a sentence I had forgotten what they'd said at the beginning because my thoughts were so scattered. Now that problem is completely gone, and it feels great.  I'm free of not only the drug and the psychiatrist bills but also of the ADD that crippled me for so many years. And working with Christy was a joy.  She was kind and generous and took a real interest in how I was doing.  I would highly recommend anyone struggling with ADD to give Christy a call.


Being in the field of special education and having seen many parents put their kids on medication for ADHD, I could not ethically do that to my own child, knowing what I know. Everyone wants an easy fix to get a handle on the turmoil that ADHD can create in the family, including me, but there is no such thing! However, I feel blessed to have been lead to Christy Lewis and Cameron Center, not only because they are so knowledgeable and passionate about neurofeedback, but because they care about my daughter's success in life too! It would have been easier to have found someone closer to home, but genuine care matters, not just to me, but even more so to my young daughter, and she picked up on that on that very first visit. We are nearing the end of our treatment plan and I have to say, they care even more about her than they did then. My 10 year old drama queen wouldn't have endured the initial testing or biweekly cap gel sessions for just anyone. They care and that has made all the difference in the world!


I took my daughter to see Christy. She is highly ethical, very professional and I would refer ANYONE to see her. Highly recommended. Cares about her patients, was GREAT with my TEEN and goes above and beyond to educate and strategize on the best plan of action. She was also amazing with working with my daughter. My daughter now has life long skills that she will forever be able to use in managing her anxiety. Our experience with Christy exceeded our expectations. She IS the best. She has years of experience, knows what she is doing and truly, truly cares.


My wife and I brought our 13 year old son to see Christy for severe asthma and anxiety. He has suffered for years with asthma and been admitted in the hospital every year - sometimes twice a year. Addison saw Christy for at least 12 sessions to learn coping skills for his breathing. Christy and her staff were very thorough in working with us. They went above and beyond to help us in and out of the sessions. We were given personal attention and told at anytime, Addi could come in and meet with Christy. The skills she taught him have been applicable throughout his entire high school career. I can happily report that since we finished our sessions, Addi has not gone in the hospital again. His asthma is well controlled and he realized that these coping skills helped his anxiety as well. We could not be more thankful for these lifelong skills Christy taught our son. She was professional and extremely knowledgeable. I would HIGHLY recommend her for anyone seeking alternative therapy. Biofeedback will continue to be part of Addi's life and we are forever grateful to Christy. I have yet to meet a therapist who is as passionate and caring as Christy Lewis.


We came to the B.E.T. Center when my 11-year-old daughter had almost incessant headaches.  She could not relax and was almost always either very anxious or very depressed.  She missed about 2 weeks of school, and we were very concerned that she'd have to repeat the school year.  Thankfully, in spite of her headaches and poor mental health, we were able to get her going back to school, and we had her start treatments at the B.E.T. Center, 2-3 times a week in the beginning.  It took some time, and for about 6 to 8 weeks, life continued to be a struggle for our sweet daughter.  After she had completed about 16 treatments, she started to turn around.  The intensity of her headaches gradually came down until they disappeared altogether.  By about session 25 or so, she was headache-free.  She was no longer depressed or anxious all the time.  She was able to function normally in school and started engaging in social events again.  Life started to feel good again.  In short, we had our daughter back! Of course, we tried other treatments, as well, such as counseling, breathing exercises, dietary changes, homeopathic remedies, and nutrient supplementation.  These modalities may have helped, as well.  But I am absolutely certain that our daughter's treatments and excellent care at the B.E.T. Center had the most profound impact on her recovery. The staff were so patient with us.  They helped us understand her initial QEEG results and made every effort to monitor her progress and adjust her treatment accordingly.  Dr. Lewis also provided us with guidance on things we could do at home to help our daughter to heal.  I always felt very comfortable at the office; the atmosphere there is very inviting, and I was able to wait in the lobby and get things done on my laptop during my daughter's sessions using the provided WiFi. I recommend the B.E.T. Center without any reservations.  To say I am grateful that they were there when we needed them is such an understatement!  They gave us our daughter back, and for that, our family will forever be grateful! 


I went to the BET Center because I was struggling with anxiety.  The anxiety was worse at night and was disturbing my sleep. Since I was not getting quality sleep, I was tired the next day.  I often took naps. I have completed 30 sessions and I feel much better.  My anxiety is significantly less.  I am sleeping better and best of all, I am not tired during the day. This treatment was a game changer for me.  The staff are all friendly and helped me to feel relaxed. 

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