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Brain Mapping (QEEG)

An qEEG or Brain Map is an assessment tool to evaluate
a person’s electrical brain activity. The brain's
functional ability is dependent on normal or
healthy electrical activity in the brain. While being
compared to a "normative" database, dysregulated
areas are termed bio-markers that can be trained to
help reduce unwanted symptoms. The qEEG
assessment provides a detailed clinical report that
includes pictures of the electrical functionality of an
individual’s brain. This report is extremely
important information can be used to look at
functionality and determine treatment protocols. It
can show us if an individual has too much or too little
brain activity and also how the different areas of the
brain are “talking” to much or too little to each other.
The qEEG illustrates a scientific way for clients to
understand what the underlying cause of the conditions
and symptoms may be.




We place a cap with multiple sensors on your head to
perform an acquisition of the electrical EEG activity of the
brain. After the acquisition, our Doctors and clinicians will
process the raw EEG information and then perform a
comparative analysis using an advanced normative data base.
Based on the results of this analysis, a detailed report or Brain
Map will be generated for the client. It is important to
understand that the Brain Map provides the client with a clear
understanding of the functional issues in the brain
associated with the reported conditions. This report will also
include the results of all auditory and visual testing performed
during the intake process.
The Brain Map and all intake assessments will guide our Doctors and Clinicians to strategically locate
areas of the brain that are operating at less than optimal levels. Our team will then design a personalized
treatment protocol utilizing the latest brain based software and equipment.



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