The Sleep Project

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Welcome to The Pathways to Sleep Project

Welcome to the Pathways to Sleep project. This Project is an active clinical research study with Dr. Bill Berquist PhD., to develop an educational tool and eventual certification program for Sleep/Health Coaching. A Pathways to Sleep matrix was developed to coagulate useful information about various sleep pathways to give practitioners guidelines of behavioral changes that can be made to improve their patients perceived sleep quality. The purpose of this project is to coach individuals to become their own personal sleep researchers.

The Proposal

We would greatly appreciate if you and your loved ones could complete the Pathways to Sleep Questionnaire. It provides information that is generated from the forementioned Pathways to Sleep Inventory (which yields user ratings). We ask only that you complete a version of the Pathways to Sleep Inventory which enables us to expand our user rating data base. You will receive email updates of the Matrix once you have provided us with the completed inventory as well as your email address (sent separately to insure anonymity of your completed inventory).

By offering your own responses to an online inventory, you will not only receive a copy of the updated Pathways to Sleep Matrix but also be sent (via e-mail) regular updates of the matrix and essays about sleep based on new research findings and identification of new pathways. The Matrix is an exceptional coaching tool that you can use, at no cost, in your own work as a coach. The other documents you will receive keep you informed of the latest findings and practices related to the rapidly growing fields of sleep-based coaching.

To participate in this study and receive the Pathways to Sleep Matrix--a unique and highly valuable coaching tool--just click on (or paste) the following link and you are on your way: