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Neurofeedback is an innovative drug-free treatment that helps to normalize and balance an individual’s electrical brain activity, also known as EEG. Supported by 30-plus years of research and further validated with advanced brain imaging technology, neurofeedback is considered a safe and effective treatment by the FDA. Neurofeedback has proven to be effective for conditions, such as ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Insomnia, TBI, and Addiction Treatment. Neurofeedback is also used to facilitate peak performance in ‘‘normal’’ individuals, executives, and athletes. The process leverages the brain’s natural plasticity to restructure brain waves into the healthy patterns needed for cognitive functioning and emotional self-regulation. This technique is safe and effective for adults and children. In Neurofeedback training, a client is provided with live EEG information from their brain. During a Neurofeedback
session, a cap with sensors is placed on the scalp to monitor the electrical activity in the brain – much like a physician listens to your heart through your skin. The EEG information is relayed to a computer that provides live visual and audible feedback based on specific and targeted training protocols determined by skilled Neurofeedback practitioners at the B.E.T. Center. Training is like exercising or doing physical therapy with the brain. Neurofeedback is directly retraining the underlying electrical activity patterns associated with the condition. Over time your brain will begin to function at a higher level which will relieve the reported conditions and symptoms.




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Dr. Lewis and our trained clinicians have over 20 years of experience designing and determining neurofeedback protocols. Brain function cannot simply be distinguished by only observing a person’s behavioral symptoms. Neurofeedback training protocols are based on an individual’s qEEG or “Brain Map” and matched with symptoms. Brain performance cognitive testing is also included in our Brain Mapping assessment. Additional intake assessments such as cognitive testing and family assessments are also examined prior to training. Assessing, addressing, and re-assessing ensures positive and lasting changes within the client’s life. All technology and equipment is cleared by the FDA and is safe for treatment. The Biofeedback, Education, & Training Center employs the latest technologies and innovative software to ensure the success of all brain-based treatment protocols.

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