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How We Treat

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Neurofeedback training is an operant conditioning process and is a type of biofeedback that uses real-time displays of electroencephalogram (EEG) to illustrate brain activity and teach self-regulation. EEG neurofeedback uses sensors that are placed on the scalp to measure brain waves, and is commonly found to be associated with decreased impulsiveness/hyperactivity, increased mood stability, improved sleep patterns, increased attention span, and concentration, improved academic performance, and increased retention and memory. 

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Remote Neurofeedback Training

Our Remote training allows you to complete your neurofeedback protocols from the comfort of your own home. This allows more flexibility for clients who travel or live in other cities. Our staff monitors the progress weekly and we provide virtual feedback as needed for support. Everything needed for the session is provided in the kit bags given to you which includes all of the physical equipment and tools needed to complete successful sessions. Clinical interviews, QEEG’s, and a Home Set-up Training is all done in the office.

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Biofeedback is a technique you can use to learn to better regulate some of your body's functions, such as your heart rate. This feedback helps you make subtle changes in your body, such as slowing your heart rate, relaxing certain muscles, and achieving desired results such as  reducing pain

Psychology Patient

Our approach is cognitive/ behavioral, goal-oriented, and personalized, as we believe the process of counseling and educating involves creativity, skillfulness, and a collaborative alliance between the therapist/educator and the client. If one is not able to make it in office, we also offer counseling via Zoom. 

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Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification is a treatment approach based on the principles of operant conditioning that replaces undesirable behaviors with more desirable ones through positive or negative reinforcement. 

Brain Mapping (QEEG)

The measurement through digital technology of electrical patterns at the surface of the scalp which primarily reflects cortical electrical activity of brainwaves. Brainwaves occur at various frequencies. Some are fast and some are quite slow. The QEEG assists us in knowing if there are abnormalities in brain function that EEG neurofeedback might be helpful in treating, and lets us know how we can individualize neurofeedback to the unique problems of each patient. 

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CNS Vital Signs

This is a performance assessment that quantifies core aspects of your cognitive function such as short term memory, concentration, and reasoning abilities. We can Reassess your cognition throughout treatment and continue to monitor you post treatment. 


Vielight therapy is a next-generation transcranial-intranasal brain photobiomodulation device. This device utilizes microchip LED technology to emit coherent light energy transcranially and intranasally within the near-invisible spectrum (810 nm) wavelength. Being just 3 inches from the brain, the intranasal channel is the most efficient channel for photobiomodulation in the deeper, ventral brain area. These deep structures within the brain’s core have important functions, such as long term memory and hormonal regulation. Each session is auto-timed for 20 minutes.

Test of Variables of Attention (TOVA)

TOVA is a state of the art continuous performance test that provides highly accurate, reliable information about an individual's sustained attention, speed, consistency of responding, and behavioral self-regulation in persons diagnosed with conditions affecting the central nervous system such as ADHD.

Interactive Metronome

 IM is a research-based training program that helps children and adults overcome attention, memory, and coordination limitations. IM works for people of all ages who have a variety of conditions affecting their cognitive and physical abilities. This modality is typically used in conjunction with neurofeedback with clients who suffer from attentional issues. 

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