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Welcome to The B.E.T Center

"Increasing Your Odds for a Successful Future."

About The Biofeedback, Education,

& Training Center

At The B.E.T. Center, our focus is on the client's mental wellness and the overall well being and health of the brain and the body. Our vision is to offer all clients the opportunity to understand how a healthy brain works, and how to incorporate learned skills into everyday living. We offer a comprehensive approach utilizing cutting edge, non-invasive techniques by implementing unique treatment programs that can restore the brain-body system to healthy and optimal functioning. Our training programs offer the most innovative and advanced treatments available.

Issues such as ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, and other related conditions are frequently the result of dysregulations in the brain's electrical and chemical communication systems. The B.E.T. Center utilizes advanced assessment techniques that will provide our clients with a better understanding of the underlying cause of the issue. All treatment protocol decisions are based on the individuals testing and reported symptoms.

The Biofeedback, Education, & Training Center is excited to offer clients a choice in their unique "Brain Health" needs. Whether the client wants to manage their health needs more effectively or if they want to take their everyday performance to a higher level, our highly skilled clinicians are available to discuss multi-modality treatment programs. 

What We Treat 

How We Treat 

What People Say 

Letter D

I am so thankful I made that call and started with biofeedback and some counseling with Christy dealing with some major issues in my life. I have just finished my sessions and couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.  I am sleeping for the first time in my life. My anxiety is gone and I just feel so much better overall. I am prescription free and so grateful.  I highly recommend Christy and her staff.  They are so compassionate and caring which is hard to find

- D.W.

Letter B

My son "Z" was put on Focalin because he was diagnosed with ADHD in the first grade. He acted like a zombie at school, and then would come home irritable and depressed. We could not stand to see him medicated anymore, and started Neurofeedback with Christy. Once having completed 33 sessions, he is a new person. He is now significantly more organized, completes his homework and class work on time. His grades have seen the biggest improvement course! Neurofeedback was a dream come true for our family.  


Letter S

My daughter has been in treatment at the Biofeedback, Education & Training Center for 7 months. It has been the best thing we have found. I have seen significant improvements that medication did not provide. Everything is explained in detail, and the costs explained upfront. Neuroscience is a technical field, so some things can be difficult to understand, but they go above and beyond to make is accessible.


Letter B

We came to the B.E.T. Center when my daughter had almost incessant headaches.  She could not relax and was almost always either very anxious or very depressed. By about session 25 or so, she was headache-free. The staff were so patient with us.  They helped us understand her initial QEEG results and made every effort to monitor her progress and adjust her treatment accordingly. To say I am grateful that they were there when we needed them is such an understatement!  They gave us our daughter back, and for that, our family will forever be grateful


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